March 2021
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Tips on Keeping Your Information Safe

During this busy time of year, we want to remind everyone how stolen cardholder information is used to commit fraud. We have included tips below for you about keeping your information safe — even when dealing with you or with someone you may think is from South Shore Bank.

Fraudsters have become increasingly adept at getting you to share the information they need to commit fraud by posing as bank call center agents, or by sending text messages that look like they are coming from your bank, warning of suspicious transaction activities. They are also known to call in to bank call centers posing as you, requesting changes to card information. Here at South Shore Bank our team is trained to detect impersonators by using many identify confirmation strategies. 

Next time you are in a branch check and verify with our staff the information is on your profile. Make sure South Shore Bank has your up to date address; emails address; home and cell phone numbers and add a “Security Keyword” to your profile that only you would know to add to our security verification process.

Fraudsters use information stolen through data breaches (at health insurance providers, reward program providers, credit bureaus, merchant terminals, and social media sites, to mention just a few recent ones). They also steal your information through malware programs on your personal computer and other devices. Stolen personally identifiable information (PII) is combined with stolen card information, resulting in the fraudsters pretending to be you.

We want to keep you safe and secure.  To assist with this commitment, we utilize a variety of tools to monitor your accounts.

  • South Shore Bank text alert warning of suspicious activity on your card will NEVER include a link to be clicked. You should never click on a link in a text message that is supposedly from South Shore Bank. Our text messages only ask you to reply ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘help’, or ‘stop,’
  • A text alert from South Shore Bank will always be from a 5-digit number and NOT a 10-digit number resembling a phone number. (Uncomfortable? Verify the text code with CIC at 781.682.3712)
  • Our Fraud Team will NEVER ask for the PIN or the 3-digit security code on the back of a card. Or ask for your full social security number
  • If you reply that a transaction is fraudulent, you will be supplied with an 800 number to call. If at any point you are uncertain about questions being asked or the call itself, HANG UP and call CIC (Client Information Center) directly at 781.682.3715, Monday – Friday 7AM – 7PM and Saturday 7AM – 2PM
  • Always protect yourself.  South Shore Bank strongly encourages that you have at least one form of notification engaged. Such as the “Alerts” feature within your Online Banking and Mobile Banking accounts or the “Manage My Cards” feature or you may download the CardValet APP and set up notifications to your mobile device

For more information, please see our How We Protect Your Account page on our website 

(Safety Tip: Did you mouse over the links above before you clicked on it to make sure it’s a legitimate web address?)

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